India has the strongest and top militaries in the world. Seeing the Indian flag would bring you a sense of deep pride. It mainly ensures the men who are responsible for ensuring their safety. The Indian Army plays an important role in defending the country from external threats. India faces various threats from the borders especially and gains control with a strong army. It is one of the reasons the Indian Army is the Best in the World.

The Country’s Proud Soldiers:

Normally, the Indian Army is top-ranked in the world as they have never started a war. The army has been mainly recognized for its constant and accurate counterinsurgency efforts. The army mainly fought on several fronts to save the country from enemy infiltration.

This also mainly enables providing aid to the allies. Indian soldiers are mainly the finest example for selfless services along with brotherhood. It is one of the biggest reasons that the Indian Army is most loved by many people.

 Indian Army Best In The World

For example, the bravery of Major Unnikrishnan lost his life when he has saved 14 hostages in the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks is quite highlighted. The Indian Army also has a unique strategic position that mainly changed along with the dramatic aspects over the past few years.

Pakistan is the chief rival of India Traditionally fixated, but now the Indians are concerned about the rapid and striking modernization of the armed forces of China in the northern borders.

Comprehensively Outclassed Others:

Indian Army is specially equipped with a strong-armed wing along with technology. These play an important role in the military power in the world. The Indian army mainly uses the advanced strategic ideas that are formed to ensure the safety and security of people. These are mainly outclassed by China’s navy. Recently, India has been coming to terms with the inadequacies.

Indian Army especially holds the record for accepting the largest military surrender in the 1971 Indo-Pak war. About 93,000 Pakistan Army soldiers surrounded India on this day which was quite renowned. The 13-day war was fought by India and Pakistan, which was mainly won by the Indian army. India and Pakistan especially signed a treaty Shimla Agreement.

The Indian army has been seen proudly protecting the borders by reducing infiltration. Based on the military strength, India mainly stands at the 4th spot behind China, the US, and the Russian Federation. It is one of the highest aspects of growing military strength based on the study by the Military Direct on March 21.

Unfathomable Dedication:

The Indian Army is well known for its high elevations, mountain warfare, jungle combat, and many more. The Indian army also joins hands with the navy and air force with ensuring the borders of the country are secure in all aspects. For example, the Siachen conflict in mountain warfare assures in finding the dedication of the Indian soldiers.

India and Pakistan over the disputed Siachen Glacier across the Kashmir region are quite known across the world. Narendra Kumar is an Indian army colonel who implements the political strategy which mainly assures the victory of the Indian army.

The Indian Army has been mainly Protecting India even under -50 degree temperatures at 16,000 feet above sea level. The loyalty of the soldiers mainly assures the safety of the country and its people.

Maintaining Relations:

 Indian Army Best In The World

Iran is known for its harsh history and reality. But India is mainly keen on maintaining a strong relationship with every country that also includes Iran. The Indian Army works in the process of developing the seaport called Chabahar port, Iran.

This mainly opens the new route between India, Afghanistan as well as Iran. It mainly bypasses Pakistan and assures maintaining a good relationship with everyone. It also states how much the long-term realist the Indians are based on visualizing the complete peaceful future.

UN’s Peace Operations:

UN’s Peace Operations

The Indian Army plays an important role in contributing to various UN peace operations. The main reason is that the Indian army mainly has conducted many peacetime exercises that include Operation Brass Tacks.

These became one of the largest military exercises from South Asia after World War II. This indicates the Indian Army is dedicated to maintaining proficiency with electronic tank warfare.

Successful Stories Of The Indian Army:

People across the nation are proud of the success stories of the Indian Army in the past. The victorious soldiers mainly swell your heart with pride. Below are some of the renowned and iconic victors of the Indian army.

  • 2nd And 3rd Indo-Pak War – the Indo-Pak War is a historical event that shows how the Indian soldiers fought for the nation with pride.
  • Operation Cactus – Operation Cactus is quite a famous operation in the Maldives. When the Maldives were looking for help, Indian soldiers rushed to their aid, bringing victory to them.
  • Kargil War – The Kargil war is one of the most glorious win situations for the Indian army. Pakistan forces illegally infiltrate the territory of India, which leads to the war. Kargil conflict is one of the historical wars between India and Pakistan. Indian soldiers fought with their might, ferocious and intellectual attributes for winning the war.
  • Chola Incident – The Chola incident is quite famous between the Indian Army and Chinese People’s Liberation Army in the regions of Sikkim. India’s victory in the incident makes the nation proud of the Indian soldiers.
  • Liberation Of Goa – The Liberation of Goa is one of the iconic aspects of liberating Portugal-occupied areas. Previously India has been negotiating the surrender of their control over Goa, Daman, and Diu with Portugal. When the Portugal armies failed to respond, the Indian Army launched Operation Vijay to take control of Goa. Goa, Daman, and Diu were taken under the control of India within 26 hours. It was one of the most historical moments stating the glory of Indian soldiers.
  • Dadra And Nagar Haveli Liberation – Portuguese prefer to gain control of the Dadra and Nagar Haveli. The Indian Army fought to gain these territories.

In the 1970s and 1990s, India also managed to test nuclear arsenal. Normally, this requires patients, precision, and time management. Indian Armed Forces are known for safeguarding the country under all aspects, even without any hassle.

The Indian government also has been securing the soldiers with prominent funds. India is the 6th country in the world that has built its own nuclear submarine. INS Chakra is also one of symbolic India’s strengths of the Indian army. These also mainly denote the passion for being on the superpower list.

Indian Air Force:

Indian Air Force

The Indian Air Force also has been working towards the personification of greatness. Being the 4th largest Air force in the world, India has the largest Aerospace Company in Asia.

Indian Special Forces:

Indian Special Forces

India is ranked as the 7th largest country in the world, mainly flanked by a few difficult neighbors. Safeguarding a big nation like India requires more manpower and a strong force. There is nothing too big for the Indian army to complete.

There are various Special Forces in India that work with complete dedication. This assures the Indian Army is the Best in the World, well known for safeguarding the country. Below are some of the elite special forces that the nation is proud of.

Para Commandos:

Para Commandos

The Para Commandos was formed in 1966, and it is part of the trained Parachute Regiment of the Indian Army. Para Commandos play an important role in the Special Forces of India. Normally, Indian Parachute units are also the oldest airborne unit in the world.

The main goal of the Indian Parachute Regiment is to provide the quick deployment of the soldiers even behind the enemy lines. They are well versed in attacking enemies and destroying them in the line of defense. Historically, the Indian Para Commandos also played an important role in winning the Kargil war.



The MARCOS or Marine Commandos are the special force unit mainly raised in 1987 by the Indian Navy. Normally the MARCOS training is the toughest in the world as the commandos will be tested both mentally and physically toughness. The soldiers are mainly well versed in the…

  • Special Reconnaissance
  • Direct Action
  • Amphibious Warfare
  • Counter-Terrorism

The MARCOS soldiers are also called the “Dadiwala fauj” or even “bearded army.” Most of the soldiers mainly have the bearded disguise during the civil attributes.

Ghatak Force:

Ghatak Force

The Ghatak Force means “killer,” as the infantry platoon. The team is known for the spree kill and spearheads strike the enemy in the battleground. The Indian Army has the ultimate and strongest infantry battalion that is fit physically and mentally.

Ghatak soldiers will be trained hard to ensure they withstand the heavy temperature, behind the lines, and even in hostage situations.



The Commando Battalion for Resolute Action or COBRA is also the specialized team in the Central Reserve Police Force. These have been formed to counter Naxalism in India. COBRA team is exclusively trained with guerrilla warfare.


Indian armed forces are equipped with wide technology and manpower, so it is defined as the best in the world. Indian soldiers are dedicated to protecting the nation with their might and strength.

Jai Hind.!